3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

Here is my quote for today:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Sally Berger

Personal thoughts:

Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to do something a little “extra”; something that you know would take some time to complete… time you’d rather spend doing something enjoyable or relaxing. If it has to be done anyway, or if it is something that you really wish to get done, it would be a good idea to harvest that willpower and get at least part of it done. Because if you were to put it off until tomorrow, you’d still have to do the whole thing. But, if you do a part of it today, there is that much less of it left to do by tomorrow!

So go make that scheduled post to free up time tomorrow if you have the extra time today. Go pack your work/school stuff tonight before you go to bed. Go pay that credit card bill early (maybe, even, overpay it a little to give yourself some leeway). There are so many things you can do today, to make tomorrow easier. It’ll add up!


If you’ve got an inspiring quote, I encourage you to take part in this 3-day quote challenge! Let’s spread the inspiration! 😀