Dream Log | January 21, 2016

Dream Log | January 21, 2016


I came back after a long trip to another place in the world. There is someone I have to visit. Someone who misses me dearly.

I get a bird’s eye view of a little fishing village. Some houses are sitting on platforms held up over the water in a pond. I see a burly man with a long fluffy beard doing some tasks around on the deck. He  enters the small living quarters.

I descend down from the sky but mess up my landing; I ended up falling right onto my belly instead of my feet. I look up at the doorway. The man jumps in surprise. Now, I’ve switched points of view with the burly man.

I look at myself, looking up sheepishly from the ground. I don’t look like myself. I have green eyes and my hair, although black, is curly and in two loose pigtails.

I switch back into my own point of view. The man has an incredulous look on his face. Then, fond recognition.

“Oh! My little Irish girl from China. How have you been this long time?”

I find myself smiling, but I don’t say anything.

Afterthoughts: This is the first time I recall changing ethnicity partially. It was a strange dream but when I saw the small fishing village, it felt like I had come back home–it felt like a childhood memory.



MOTD | December 6, 2015

It’s easy to fall into the habit of looking for something to love–something to keep you going when the momentum of excitement starts to wane–be it in a situation, job, task, or relationship. The thing about looking for these qualities, is that things change; humans change; circumstances change.

“It is important to look not for something to love, but to look with love.”

Maybe, it is the difference between:

“Well, at least […]. There’s that, I guess.”

…and …

“Yes, I love this […]. I haven’t forgotten. :)”

Maybe, that is all it takes to keep the exhilarating momentum of newness from fading. Qualities and features can change, but your perspective doesn’t have to.


Disclaimer: Of course, this doesn’t apply to things that make you absolutely miserable or harm you.

MOTD | December 1, 2015

Aside: MOTD stands for “Musing of the Day”. Short posts about realizations, and thoughts that happen across my mind.

Today, I was walking to the subway station. My eyebrows were furrowed as I was thinking hard. I was thinking about all the things I had to do that day, and how I would fit in the things I wanted to do. I brooded about the things that I said I would do that morning, but didn’t because I woke up too late. I criticized my lack of self-control; last night, I told myself that this would be the day I woke up early. It wasn’t.

As I neared the station doors, I realized that the whole time, my gaze was consistently fixed on the ground 5 meters in front of me. I sighed and forced my eyebrows to relax. Then I looked up. Buildings. People. Trees.

I looked higher yet and realized that the sky was blue and the sun was shining. My eyebrows knitted again. Why did I spend so much time looking at the ground when I could have seen what a beautiful day it was today? No. Don’t wonder. Just look around–breathe in.

The day seemed better already.

Maybe you, too, are too busy looking at the ground in front of you to notice the wonderful things around you. Stop, breathe, look around. Sometimes, we forget.