Dream Log | January 21, 2016

Dream Log | January 21, 2016


I came back after a long trip to another place in the world. There is someone I have to visit. Someone who misses me dearly.

I get a bird’s eye view of a little fishing village. Some houses are sitting on platforms held up over the water in a pond. I see a burly man with a long fluffy beard doing some tasks around on the deck. He  enters the small living quarters.

I descend down from the sky but mess up my landing; I ended up falling right onto my belly instead of my feet. I look up at the doorway. The man jumps in surprise. Now, I’ve switched points of view with the burly man.

I look at myself, looking up sheepishly from the ground. I don’t look like myself. I have green eyes and my hair, although black, is curly and in two loose pigtails.

I switch back into my own point of view. The man has an incredulous look on his face. Then, fond recognition.

“Oh! My little Irish girl from China. How have you been this long time?”

I find myself smiling, but I don’t say anything.

Afterthoughts: This is the first time I recall changing ethnicity partially. It was a strange dream but when I saw the small fishing village, it felt like I had come back home–it felt like a childhood memory.



Dream Log | January 2, 2016

Dream Log | January 2, 2016

Theme: Family reunion; paddling upstream; strange family dynamics

Dream: I was at a family reunion. My grandpa, which is the stereotypical quiet, old, Asian man, was decked out in a leather biker jacket and donning black shades. It was a weird sight to behold. Also, he was no longer chubby.

At first, my grandma was sitting next to me, but then I suggested to her that she should sit beside Grandpa. So she did and sat beside my thug grandpa with a big smile on her face.

Not everyone had arrived yet… we were still waiting for my sister. I looked out the window and saw a big river. My sister was sitting in a rowboat desperately paddling to fight the current and get to the house. I noticed that the boat was facing the wrong way and face-palmed. I told her that she needed to turn the boat to face the direction that she wanted to go before she could make any progress.

She laughs and turns the boat around before making her way to the house.

My auntie starts to gossip. She talked about someone who got married into the family that requested a lot of monetary donations of well-wishes… but refused to dish out to any of the other weddings that she went to. Okay Auntie… I don’t know this person.


Possible Interpretation: Not much. It was a pretty random dream. I think the only takeaway, is that even though I don’t talk to them much, my family is still close to my heart.


Dream Log | December 29, 2015

Theme: Facing adversity and believing in myself… through a wrestling dream. Okay, I’ll take it!


I was in a wrestling competition. I thought to myself, “Huh. This is weird, I can’t wrestle.” However, I did take a wrestling unit in my Phys. Ed. class in high school. Plus my core and leg strength was not bad. Also, I have been doing some bouldering so my arm and back strength was also decent.

I turned to look at my first opponent… it was my sister!! The match was a blur. I remember myself pinning her down and winning. Then, I defeated a line-up of other people increasing in weight. Soon, I was pitted against a girl that was almost twice my weight.

Suddenly, I remembered my weight. I told the people in charge that she was not in the same weight class as me. I was only 108lbs; she was around 200lbs. The person ignored me and the match began. I changed points of view with someone in the audience and saw my muscles grow twice their size. Then, I saw myself picking up the girl and throwing her over my shoulder and pinning her down.

I won! Even when faced with someone I wasn’t sure I could beat. I wasn’t given the option of backing down and didn’t give myself a reason to. I charged head-on and rose victorious.

Interpretation: Maybe this is my subconscious’s way of telling me that I will be able to conquer any adversity I face in life… as long as I don’t back down. As weird of a dream this was, I feel a very inspired to keep working towards my goals. I will become strong mentally and physically!!


Dream Log | December 17, 2015

Today, my neck was hurting and I was dead-tired from studying throughout the night, taking 90-minute naps in place of a whole block of sleep. Maybe that was not the best idea. Maybe this tenseness is from stress. Anyway, onto my dream…

Dream: I was visiting my grandparent’s house. When dinner was prepared, I sat down to eat. After a few bites, I pick up something instinctively with my bare hands. It is an agarose gel slab from my lab–containing ethidium bromide.

For context, ethidium bromide is a dye used to stain nucleic acids for viewing under ultraviolet light. It is also a mutagen because it can squeeze in between your DNA strands and cause the introduction of mutations. Worst case scenario, the mutations can accumulate to the point where you develop cancer.

I had my spoon in one hand and the gel piece in the other. It wasn’t clear if I had eaten any of it but I was scared. I ran out of the house. For some reason, I thought that by getting to my lab, I’d be safe. The transit wasn’t working because of heavy snowfall so I ran, even though my lab was in another city. My phone fell out of my pocket and the when I picked it up, the screen was very cracked. I swore to myself and went back to the house.

I turned on my phone but only certain parts of it could register touch. I remember thinking, “Why did this happen to me?”

Upon waking up: my neck hurt EVEN more. And  was still tired. I tried. Time to go back to sleep. Clocking out at 7:46pm. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow… good thing my exam is in the afternoon.

Dream Log | December 15, 2015

Dream: (short and sweet)

My mother tells my brother that he should work harder at school not because she wants him to have a good future, but because his classmate already has this, this, and that award; also, this boy is good at this, this, and that.

I look at my brother’s face. He has an expression of discouragement and then, of sadness.

That is not the way to encourage someone to improve themselves. I pat my brother’s back and tell him, “Don’t listen to what Mom says. You imagine for yourself what kind of future you want, and what you wish to achieve. Then, YOU make the decisions that you believe will get you there.”

Dream Log | December 14, 2015

Motifs: Inevitability of old age and frailty; pressed for time


My choir is going on tour again and it’s been shortened to 3 days. However, I can only go for 2 of the days. But I still want to go. I go, but was without a way to carry all my stuff back home during the tour. So, during the night, when everyone was sleeping, I would carry as much as I could with me and take a bus back home to drop off my stuff before bussing back and sleeping.

Now, it is my second and last night. I have a conversation with the conductor. He pulls out a calendar and starts showing me pages and pages of hand-knitted products that his wife made. He asked me if I would like to buy any. None of the items appeal to me so I say, “No thanks.” Later that night, I start to pack up my things, but then my conductor is sitting down and calling me over, with a look of terror and desperation in his eyes. He says that he can’t get up, and that he needs me to go to the furthest room in the hall and get his pills, new pants, and something else.

I run off into the hallway. When I enter the furthest room and open the door, I am greeted with a showroom of white refrigeration units. Oh no. Where do I start? I look through them sequentially but have a hunch that it is at the farthest corner in the room. I head there and open the fridge door. Aha, there are the items. I must have taken too long because my conductor shows up looking strained. He takes the pills and transforms into a former professor of mine, who is also elderly. He sits down on a chair; we are suddenly in a subway train. My professor looks down and his breathing is labored. He says, “It’s fine.”

I’m approaching my station. I look at him one last time, and get off. Sorry, I didn’t find it fast enough.

Woke up feeling: Sad, hopeless, and not wanting to get up.


I woke up with the sniffles and didn’t want to get out of bed. Maybe I’m catching a cold. But why do I feel like I am experiencing depressive symptoms? I took a sick day off from work. Today, I will focus on taking care of myself. Maybe, this dream was my mind’s way of telling me that I have been neglecting myself.

Dream Log | December 4, 2015

Dream Log | December 4, 2015

Theme: Lost and clinging on. Disregard vs. compromise?

Dream: I’m at my boyfriend’s house and it is late. It’s just about time for me to go. I let him know, he picks up the car keys, and we head to the garage. When I look out the window, I realize that there is a massive snowstorm outside. Having him drive me home right now would be dangerous… it’s not only late, but the weather is terrible. I know that his mother wouldn’t permit him to drive since the weather is like this. But for some reason, she stands at the doorway and doesn’t stop us. This is when I realize that I am dreaming. Knowing that whatever choice I make will not affect my living self, we decide to say goodbye to her.

The car ride was non-existent. I find myself outside on the sidewalk and the biting winds attack my cheeks, eyes, and hair. I duck down and sprawl on the ground to minimize the chance that I’ll be carried away. For some reason, I believe that the wind is strong enough to sweep even humans off of the ground. Just to confirm my suspicions, the metal casing around a taxi’s light gets ripped off. Followed by another; then another.

I have to get inside. I crawl around the building, hanging onto the sidewalk and wall in attempts to anchor myself as firmly to the ground as I can. When I reach the door, I tug it open and crawl inside.

When I stand up, my vision takes on a quality similar to looking inside of a glass snow globe. Inside the globe, the snow is swirling around a house. I realize that the house is my boyfriend’s house and that his mother was still inside. The winds pick up, and tears the house apart.

I wake up.


Emotions felt upon waking up: Calm, feeling a little lost, feeling a little unsettled.