My MVP is your MVP

My MVP is your MVP

Today, the daily prompt is My FavoriteWhat’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

At first, when I thought about how to answer this prompt, I thought to myself, “Who IS my favorite person?” I shuffled through names of people who I enjoyed spending time with, who were important to me. In the end, I got it. My favorite person, is myself.

Physically, I have never been apart from myself, but mentally I have. It’s hard for me to measure the moments where I wasn’t there for myself though; times where I haven’t been there for myself, are numerous.

When I was depressed and neglected to take care of myself.

When I got in an argument with someone close to me and instead of respecting myself and my boundaries (which are there to protect my mental well being), I would let myself get walked over time and time again.

When I couldn’t find a balance between getting stuff done and getting enough sleep; I knew it at the times, that not getting enough sleep would lead to a viscous cycle of getting less done and in turn, losing more sleep to get more done.

Hardly how I should treat my favorite person, hey? Well, it just serves as a constant reminder to be there for myself, no matter what.

You guys take care of your MVPs as well! 🙂



There is no “one” way, I believe.

There is no “one” way, I believe.

This post is a response to the Daily Post’s daily prompt: Learning Style

Give me a score and critique my playing progress…
…I’ll practice until it sounds right.

Give me the lyrics and make me listen to a song a few times…
…I’ll sing it until I know it from memory.

Teach me new information in a lecture…
…I’ll study it until I can reiterate it on paper or to another person.
If you ask me to do practice questions…
…I’ll do them until I can answer questions which require applications of knowledge, well.

Show me how to do a procedure once, then supervise me and correct my mistakes…
…I’m a fast kinetic learner and will pick it up quickly.

Communicate to me when I do something that hurts you or bothers you…
…I’ll keep it in mind and I’ll use my discretion better.

For me…

Knowledge regurgitation requires lecture-style knowledge sharing and repetitive study sessions. Learning music requires listening and developing kinetic memory, be it in finger movement or modifying vocal chord vibrations and the sound-shaping space. True knowledge requires thoughtful practice and application. Physical skills need demonstration and practice. Tact and empathy require communication.



When there is not enough self-love

When there is not enough self-love

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album (or single).


Male host: We are here now to review the new single released by Tiffany, just last week.

Female host: Ah yes! It’s been a while. I wonder what this one is like!

M: Why don’t we listen to it together?

(Song plays)

… wondering if I am making the right choice…
… when that one knows how to hurt more than that one knows how to care…
… what is respect? What is trust? One thing is for sure…
… by suffering needlessly, I am only disrespecting–myself.

(Song ends)

F: …

M: Well, the mood was… certainly… dark.

F: I agree. I think we can all relate to these feelings though.

M: What do you mean?

F: Well, when someone you care about lies to you? Or purposely hurts you for whatever reason? Like out of revenge?

M: I see where you are coming from. Reminds me of a time I ran away from home to try to get back at my dad for grounding me. I got a good whooping after, but I know that they were worried about me first and foremost.

F: Haha, thank you for sharing the story, but let’s get back on track. With regards to the mood of this song, I’d say that it is very comtemplative.

M: Maybe… also, the struggle when finding out that you didn’t love yourself as much as you should have?

F: Where did that come from? That was rather deep…

M: Let’s just say that I know what it is like to cling onto an unhealthy love because I didn’t know how to love myself first and foremost.

F: Wow, if you wouldn’t mind, how about we go for supper after and talk about this further? You seem to have a lot of wisdom!

M: Hah! Sure, why not! So, now we end off with the final verdict. What we have here is a slow and melancholy ballad. It is a very relatable one too, we believe, because it brings to light a question that I’m sure many of us ask ourselves with regards to different aspects of life. That question is, “How much suffering can I voluntarily let myself go through before I start hurting myself?”

F: Yes! With that, we will end off our Music Reviewcast. I’m F.

M: And I’m M. We hope you have a great day and take it easy on yourselves!


Daily post’s daily prompt: B+

All over the map

All over the map

According to Google, an idol is a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered. I have a few, one of which just passed away yesterday. Here they are:


In High School: Freddie Mercury and David Bowie

These two guys were my idols growing up; they still are. I found their creativity, uniqueness, energy, and confidence extremely inspiring. They were truly one of their own kind. They inspired me to be proud of any talents and skills that I had, and to share them when I could with energy! They taught me that it is okay to be weird and stand out. Even though both of them have passed on, their influences on me continue to impact me today in a positive way.

In my first and second year of University: The K-Pop band Bigbang and 2NE1

I went through a K-Pop phase when I was in university for a while. These two were my favorites because both groups have members that had their own special talents (ex. soulful singing, delicate singing, wicked dance moves, great rap skills). They were a breath of fresh air for me because so many K-Pop groups nowadays are super uniform; where their members have similar body types, facial features, and heights. These two bands showed me how, by combining different strengths properly, you can get synergy. 1+1 is now equal to 3, 4, 5… and more! They inspired me to become more well-rounded.

In my 3rd year of university, to the present: Myself

All the good and bad that have happened to me, have led me to this day. I have gone through a lot and I know that there will be more hardships later on in life. But, I’m confident in my strength (both physical and mental). I know that I can deal with whatever life throws at me!

In response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Teen Age Idol

Who did you idolize as a teenager? Did you go crazy for the Beatles? Ga-ga over Duran Duran? In love with Justin Bieber? Did you think Elvis was the livin’ end?

Because I swear by Matcha!

Because I swear by Matcha!

Some people are coffee people; some are not. I’m one of the people who don’t enjoy drinking coffee, unless I’m in desperate need of a caffeine jolt. However, I will drink that “French Vanilla” served at Tim Hortons.

Some of you may be thinking, “Psh. That’s not real coffee.”

I know. 😉

However, let me get back to my main point! 😀 Even though I don’t like drinking coffee, I do like a different source of caffeine… that is to say Matcha lattes.

If I were to choose a luxury item that I wouldn’t be able to afford right now, it would be a programmable Matcha Latte-making machine. Here are the tech specs of this custom item:

  • In one chute, you add in the matcha powder.
  • In another, you pour milk. When you close the lid, it will go through a pasteurization program (for those people wondering how this would work without milk spoiling)
  • There will be a third chute (for people wondering how the pipes and milk chute will be cleaned) for water, which is not for making tea, but for cleaning the machine.
    • After the creation of each latte, pipes will be hosed down by a narrow, highpressure stream of water.
    • The dirty water, will be connected to a tank for manual disposal or diverted into a sink through a hose.
  • In the settings, you can choose how much matcha powder to add into the latte, the temperature of milk you’d like to use, and how much of the latte to make.
  • Here is the winner. This matcha latte-making machine can be programmed to make the latte at the time of your choosing!!
    • To prevent spilling, the machine will have a proximity sensor that needs to sense the cup before it can start making the latte.
      • Make sure you place your cup there before you sleep!
    • Now, you can wake up to a fresh cup of matcha latte the moment you get up. 🙂

This is my dream luxury item.

In response to the Daily Post’s daily prompt: Keeping up with the Jones’


What is mainstream music?

What is mainstream music?

Adolescence is filled with embarrassing moments and small misfortunes… Here is the story of a young girl who didn’t do her research.


I was in grade 7 and in drama class. If I calculate the year that it was, it would be 2006. This was the time of American boy bands, if I remember correctly. Everyone was sitting around in a circle–we were doing a type of ice-breaker.

For some background, at this age, I was just starting to use the internet. My only mainstream music knowledge, was of the songs I heard in the car on our road trips to a nearby city for groceries. Other than that, I had no other exposure to hit music. HOWEVER, I did play the piano. Does that count? Anyways…

We are back in the circle formation and had just finished going around the circle introducing ourselves. The drama teacher then proceeded to say this: “We’re going to go around the circle again. This time, I want you to tell us a song that you like.”

Uh-oh (Back then, I was oblivious to the embarrassing moment to come).

We started going around the circle again. This time, names of songs popular in the day started to come out.

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

“American Idiot”

“Shut Up!”

“Since U Been Gone”

“Teardrops on my Guitar” 

As the bomb slowly rolled closer and closer to me, I became more and more aware of how little I knew about mainstream music.

Finally, as much as I dreaded it, it was my turn.

I was faced with two decisions now; copy someone else’s song idea and pretend that I knew what song it was, or tell the truth. Do you want to know which choice I picked?

Here was my response…






Me: “The Pipe Aria.”

Class: (silence)

Me: “…. by Bach.”

Class: (more silence)

You could hear a pin drop… it was that silent. Okay, maybe not. The floor was carpet.

Needless to say, that experience was mortifying. Just like any other kid who wants to redeem back their “coolness”, I proceeded to research as many hit songs as I could after school and even learned to sing some of them.

Ah, childhood. Can’t be beat.

Hope you found my misfortune amusing, haha! Feel free to share any embarrassing childhood stories you have. I’d be thrilled to read them! 😀


PS – For anyone interested in listening to this “The Pipe Aria”, here it is.

Daily post’s daily prompt: Unpopular


Addictive Personality

Addictive Personality

No, this is not a personality type that other people find addicting to be around.

It means that I get addicted easily. I’d like to say that I used to have this condition, but it might still be present–manifested in a different, less apparent, addiction.


When I was in my teens, I was an avid gamer. Late at night, when everyone was asleep, I would play video games until late into the night, making sure to cover up my gaming console with my blanket whenever someone got up to use the washroom… then taking it back out again to play some more until I was too sleepy to continue.


When I graduated from highschool and entered university, I moved out. There was a lot of freedom. I entered a stage where I got really into K-Pop and K-dramas. Whenever I started a series, I would binge watch it until I was done, because I didn’t have the self-discipline to refuse the charms of a cliffhanger episode ending. I remember I started a series during finals’ week. I got addicted to it and spent at least 4x the amount of time I spent studying, to watch the show. I would watch late into the night, justifying myself with:

  • “I just have to find out what happens, or else it’ll bother me when I’m studying… and that wouldn’t be good.”
  • “I’ll just wake up early tomorrow and start studying.”
  • “It’s okay, I’m good at cram-studying. Anyways, I generally get high marks whenever I do cram.”
  • “The faster I finish this series, the more time I can have completely dedicated to studying.”



Today, my addictive personality is not that obvious. Sometimes, I’m not even sure if it still exists inside me. I gave up gaming. I gave up watching addictive TV shows. I gave up a lot of bad addictions I had.

Sometimes, I still feel it, though.

It’s in the mornings when I can’t get up, and justify sleeping just a little more, even though I planned to do a lot of productive work; even though I filled out my planner with things to do and told it that I would “Wake up at 8am.” At least 6 days a week, I can’t bring myself to wake up at the time that I want.

It’s in the moments when I am all alone, with no one to talk to, and with nothing to do. My mind starts talking to me–saying a lot of unhealthy things; conjuring a lot of doubt, distrust; reminding me of painful experiences and trying to tell me that I was wrong for forgiving, that I should hold onto that anger and pain (even though I know that it’s useless to do so). But I listen more than I should, because even though I find it painful, I find it comforting too–bittersweet.

It’s in the moments when I feel scared of my future financial situation. Always fixated on how I can make more money; whether I’m on the right career path. It makes me want to work harder, learn more, achieve more. By keeping busy, I know that I can stave away unwanted thoughts. Sometimes, it’s unhealthy how much I work. But most of the time, I find it good.


I wonder if it will ever go away. But a small voice in the back of my mind tells me that it can be useful, if I can develop the self-discipline to control it.

Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Happy Endings