Progress with Waking Early Quest: March/April

My progress of completing my quest for a golden waking hour of 6am has failed. What follows is a picture fully depicting my unwillingness to wake up earlier than 7am… let alone 8am:

March and April Wake-up

Waking up early is actually pretty difficult… (that plateau though) But, all my effort is not for nothing. Before I embarked on this quest, I was waking up at 10am/11am on average so this is an improvement. I’ve consistently woken up at around 8:45am. I will include some details to better pick out some trends:

  • I normally sleep at around 11pm, which, if I were to wake up at 6am, would give me a little over 6 hours of sleep… maybe that is not enough. I’ll try to sleep earlier… like 10pm.
  • Waking up at 6am is near impossible right now, so I’ll adjust my goal to be 7am. I’ll still set my alarm for 6am though. I’m still stubbornly sure that if I really will myself, I can wake up at 6am. Just look at today; today was the first time I woke up at 7am in a long time!

Here is my new game plan:

  • Set alarm for 6am.
  • Try waking up at 6am.
  • Definitely get up BY 7am.
  • Sleep before 10pm.

I will keep a page updated about my progress here (if anyone would like some motivation to wake up early when I succeed, and feel better about their efforts should I deplete my self-discipline stores): My progress page

I have a new found respect for people who are able to  wake up as early as 4am/5am/6am to get a head start in their day. I can do a lot with an extra 2-3 hours in the morning. Many people in Quora seem to have this wonderful habit (a well-deserved one too, with all the effort it takes for me to wake up as late as 8:45am, haha!).

May will be the month of waking up early for me! I wish you luck on any quests you wish to embark on too! I think the only day wasted is one where you don’t strive to learn more or improve yourself. 🙂


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