Make an Appointment with Yourself

Last week, I pondered whether or not to cancel on my workout date with a friend of mine. However, I didn’t want to be the one who cancelled. So, I fervently waited on her… every minute of silence augmented a hope that we wouldn’t be working out together this week. Ah, no need to go for a strenuous run.

Then, I stopped myself abruptly and asked myself, “What are you thinking!?”

Why am I relying on someone else’s decision in order to make my own? If I didn’t want to go, then that should be my own decision. But why was my ego so big that I would rather it be the other person to cancel, than me?

I realized that what I should have been asking myself was, “Do ‘I’ want to go work out? Is MY physical health important enough to me that I would go anyway?”


So, even though I did not work out with my friend that day, I chose to make  workout appointment with myself instead.

I guess the main message here is to realize how much your decisions are influenced by external powers when they should really be your own. There are so many appointments, dates, and events we must attend to in life–so many deadlines. I think we often forget that we ourselves, would greatly appreciate the appointments we make with ourselves. 🙂 Here’s to making more appointments with ourselves and scheduling time out of our days for ourselves.



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