Dream Log | January 18, 2016

Theme: torture chamber, Marie Antionette, poison, mental and physical torture, double vision


Someone is drawing names from a hat. One of the names chosen, is mine. I get assigned to something with a strange name. It is the name of a vintage, beige vehicle.

I get in. Then, I get driven to this medieval castle. I get led into a chamber and see that it looks like a torture chamber.

My hair turns white and piles high, like Marie Antionette. All of a sudden, I find myself strapped into a torture rack. I get stretched, but feel no pain.

All of a sudden, I’m sitting in a chair and am wearing a metal helmet. A circular saw is pressing against the helmet, aligned with my nose and between eyebrows. The saw turns on and it starts creating sparks as it gnaws away at the metal. I realize now, that even though this device doesn’t cause physical torture, it is meant to create mental torture, because you never know when the saw will cut through the helmet and slice your head in half. I remain calm though. It is just a dream.

Then, I am standing at a table. I have turned into Hermione Granger (from the Harry Potter series). There is a glass filled with what looks like wine. I drink it and realize that it is poison right away because I have switched point of views. Now, I am looking at myself and the duplicated image of me merges and separates repeatedly–double vision. I go back into my body and look at the door. Someone has walked in and sees me reeling from the poison. It is Marie Antionette.

She asks me, “Was that me or my sister?”

I said, “Your sister.”

Enraged, she comes over to me and stabs me to death. I think, “Well, this stinks.” Then, I rewind time.

This time, I respond with, “You.”

She is silent. Then her eyebrows furrow and she breaks down crying.

“I never understood it. When they could kill me instantly, they resorted instead to torture first.”


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