This post is a response to the Daily Post’s daily prompt: Learning Style

Give me a score and critique my playing progress…
…I’ll practice until it sounds right.

Give me the lyrics and make me listen to a song a few times…
…I’ll sing it until I know it from memory.

Teach me new information in a lecture…
…I’ll study it until I can reiterate it on paper or to another person.
If you ask me to do practice questions…
…I’ll do them until I can answer questions which require applications of knowledge, well.

Show me how to do a procedure once, then supervise me and correct my mistakes…
…I’m a fast kinetic learner and will pick it up quickly.

Communicate to me when I do something that hurts you or bothers you…
…I’ll keep it in mind and I’ll use my discretion better.

For me…

Knowledge regurgitation requires lecture-style knowledge sharing and repetitive study sessions. Learning music requires listening and developing kinetic memory, be it in finger movement or modifying vocal chord vibrations and the sound-shaping space. True knowledge requires thoughtful practice and application. Physical skills need demonstration and practice. Tact and empathy require communication.




6 thoughts on “There is no “one” way, I believe.

  1. So impressive. And every word in your poem speaks the truth. Obviously, there’s no single way.And, learning throughout our life is what keeps the fuel on the heart as well the mind going. Well said. You express it beautifully. But one thing I’ll add that indeed it’s true that you are learning the various thing but still we need to have a single direction in our life, for example, you chose Infection & Immunology. Most probably, you will go ahead in that direction. So that’s why we must be versatile but focussed as well.

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