Theme: swimming, innocent nudity, Musicals, discomfort, feeling out-of-place


I went swimming. After I finished, I came back to the change room. I find out that it is unisex. Men and women were showering naked in the same space. But everyone seemed to be lost in their own heads; they were unaware of all that was going on around them.

I walk to my locker and open it, but my stuff isn’t in there. In the place of my things, there is a green wire-mesh basket.

IL comes over and opens the locker beside mine. Her nipples are peeking out. She looks at me and then motions at the locker. My things are in there. She tells me that I must have forgotten to lock my lock, so she moved my stuff into her locker. I thank her.

When I leave the change room, I enter a university administration office of a past dream. There is a spiral staircase in the middle and I climb up it. At the top, there is a door. Inside the door, is an auditorium.

My choir conductor is on the piano and we’re singing our choir songs. We sing last year’s songs too. But then, the songs get too old. I don’t recognize any of them. Simple singing gets replaced by the performance of Musicals. In one of them, people are dressed up in animal costumes and singing in, on, and around big statues of letters on the stage. I can’t make out what the letters say though because I’m so focused on the show.

In the next musical, my conductor is dressed up as an angel. A very tall angel. He starts skipping around the stage. I feel strange watching this.

Then, my brother and mother show up and sit beside me. They want to leave, and I agree with them. When we leave, I find myself sitting on a couch playing on the Nintendo DS.

My sister sees me playing and gets furious, because she wanted to play a multiplayer game with me.

Concluding Thoughts: I woke up feeling lost and a little confused. I don’t know why, though. Maybe this is my mind’s way of expressing how I feel like I don’t fit in sometimes. Maybe this is my mind’s way of expressing the fear I have that I will never be able to follow the traditional career path that my education readies me for.


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