Theme: shoplifting guilt, being chased and caught, slight homosexual undertones, regret


I went into the Sobey’s of my hometown and shoplifted a bun. I wasn’t done shopping yet, so I decided to hide it in the blanket I was holding in my arms. Every now and then, I rip off a piece of the bun and eat it… then I’d cover it up again. However, the bun kept peeking out. I was never able to fully hide it. One of the grocery clerks must have seen the bun  though, because he passed an object to the closest clerk, to which it kept getting passed from person to person. I eventually concluded that they were onto me, and that they were passing down these objects to the manager so that she could track where I was.

I ran from aisle to aisle, trying to lose them, but everywhere I went, there was another grocery clerk who would pass on another object from my last location to another grocery clerk.


I run into the produce preparation area and when I turn around, the boss was there. It is a 50-60 year old lady. She interrogates me. I justify my stealing with the fact that I was poor. I told her that I only bought what I needed to survive… I don’t even buy those Louis Vuitton bags.

She feels bad for me and grabs my face. She says, “If only I had known you earlier… I’d be 70 years younger.”

I don’t understand what she means by this because she looks younger than 70. She gives me the bun but tells me I’ll be getting a black mark on my university transcript. She places a sticker on my bun–dark green. I can get a free bun everyday… but I’m not sure if it was worth it.

Another day, I come into the grocery store and there is cauliflower, shiitake mushrooms with no smell, sweet corn, and cabbage. I’m still holding yet another stickered bun.


Concluding Thoughts: I don’t know where the homosexual undertones come from because my sexual orientation is very hetero. I am a little disappointed that I went to shoplift something so insignificant in my dream. Should have stolen all the lottery tickets, haha!


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