Theme: Family reunion; paddling upstream; strange family dynamics

Dream: I was at a family reunion. My grandpa, which is the stereotypical quiet, old, Asian man, was decked out in a leather biker jacket and donning black shades. It was a weird sight to behold. Also, he was no longer chubby.

At first, my grandma was sitting next to me, but then I suggested to her that she should sit beside Grandpa. So she did and sat beside my thug grandpa with a big smile on her face.

Not everyone had arrived yet… we were still waiting for my sister. I looked out the window and saw a big river. My sister was sitting in a rowboat desperately paddling to fight the current and get to the house. I noticed that the boat was facing the wrong way and face-palmed. I told her that she needed to turn the boat to face the direction that she wanted to go before she could make any progress.

She laughs and turns the boat around before making her way to the house.

My auntie starts to gossip. She talked about someone who got married into the family that requested a lot of monetary donations of well-wishes… but refused to dish out to any of the other weddings that she went to. Okay Auntie… I don’t know this person.


Possible Interpretation: Not much. It was a pretty random dream. I think the only takeaway, is that even though I don’t talk to them much, my family is still close to my heart.


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