Tangerines to Oranges

As prompted by the daily post prompt, Childhood Revisited, here are my earliest memories.

This lady is my auntie, and my parents and I were staying with her for a while. Okay.

Sometimes, she would look at me and start laughing at the 4-year-old me. Then, she’d come over and pull down my pants at the back a ways so that she could squeeze my butt, while laughing harder and calling my butt cheek a tangerine. Sometimes, I felt uncomfortable; sometimes I was scared and confused. It was rather distressing and confusing for a 4-year-old. My mother would laugh along with her. Maybe this is the first time in my life that I felt a little violated. But since my mother was laughing, I didn’t think much of it… only a small sense of dread and acceptance whenever it happened.

Once the tangerines turned into oranges, that was the end of that–I had gained immunity. To my amusement, my sister became the next victim.

I look back at this time in my life and have a good laugh once in a while. Sometimes, my sister and I will remember it and bring it up saying, “Remember when Auntie used to…?” Now, I know that my aunt just has a weakness for plumpness, be it chubby cheeks or baby butt cheeks.

It is unfortunate that this was the earliest memory I could think of since it is quite awkward, haha! Many of my earliest memories seem to have a traumatizing aspect, albeit a mild one.

Hopefully, your earliest memory wasn’t quite so awkward! 😀





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