Dream Log | December 29, 2015

Theme: Facing adversity and believing in myself… through a wrestling dream. Okay, I’ll take it!


I was in a wrestling competition. I thought to myself, “Huh. This is weird, I can’t wrestle.” However, I did take a wrestling unit in my Phys. Ed. class in high school. Plus my core and leg strength was not bad. Also, I have been doing some bouldering so my arm and back strength was also decent.

I turned to look at my first opponent… it was my sister!! The match was a blur. I remember myself pinning her down and winning. Then, I defeated a line-up of other people increasing in weight. Soon, I was pitted against a girl that was almost twice my weight.

Suddenly, I remembered my weight. I told the people in charge that she was not in the same weight class as me. I was only 108lbs; she was around 200lbs. The person ignored me and the match began. I changed points of view with someone in the audience and saw my muscles grow twice their size. Then, I saw myself picking up the girl and throwing her over my shoulder and pinning her down.

I won! Even when faced with someone I wasn’t sure I could beat. I wasn’t given the option of backing down and didn’t give myself a reason to. I charged head-on and rose victorious.

Interpretation: Maybe this is my subconscious’s way of telling me that I will be able to conquer any adversity I face in life… as long as I don’t back down. As weird of a dream this was, I feel a very inspired to keep working towards my goals. I will become strong mentally and physically!!


3 thoughts on “Dream Log | December 29, 2015

  1. Hello Tiffany Phan,

    I wish that my school would have had a wrestling class, you were fortunate.

    You did very well in this dream, sometimes in dreams and in real life when we think that we can not do something then we weaken our own selves in a way that possibly increases the chance of us failing, but in this dream you were able to get past that.

    I think that it is good that this dream left you feeling positive and inspired when you woke up.

    Thank you for sharing your dream. 🙂

    -John Jr

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