Dream Log | December 17, 2015

Today, my neck was hurting and I was dead-tired from studying throughout the night, taking 90-minute naps in place of a whole block of sleep. Maybe that was not the best idea. Maybe this tenseness is from stress. Anyway, onto my dream…

Dream: I was visiting my grandparent’s house. When dinner was prepared, I sat down to eat. After a few bites, I pick up something instinctively with my bare hands. It is an agarose gel slab from my lab–containing ethidium bromide.

For context, ethidium bromide is a dye used to stain nucleic acids for viewing under ultraviolet light. It is also a mutagen because it can squeeze in between your DNA strands and cause the introduction of mutations. Worst case scenario, the mutations can accumulate to the point where you develop cancer.

I had my spoon in one hand and the gel piece in the other. It wasn’t clear if I had eaten any of it but I was scared. I ran out of the house. For some reason, I thought that by getting to my lab, I’d be safe. The transit wasn’t working because of heavy snowfall so I ran, even though my lab was in another city. My phone fell out of my pocket and the when I picked it up, the screen was very cracked. I swore to myself and went back to the house.

I turned on my phone but only certain parts of it could register touch. I remember thinking, “Why did this happen to me?”

Upon waking up: my neck hurt EVEN more. And  was still tired. I tried. Time to go back to sleep. Clocking out at 7:46pm. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow… good thing my exam is in the afternoon.

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