MOTD | December 14, 2015

Ah, for today’s “Musing of the Day”, I have what is more like a “Joke of a Day”

This is inspired by my run-in with a lover of furry animals today.

What’s this?

Source: Here!

Yes, that’s right. It’s a cat stretching. Normally, you wouldn’t think anything about it, but what about now?

Source: Here!

Yes, that’s a dog stretching. Does this spark a memory? Even though these stretches are essentially the same, the dog version gets the limelight. And then, it got me thinking… the person who adapted this stretch to accommodate humans, must have been a dog-lover. This is the “downward dog” in its purest form!

How’s that for a bit of unnecessary enlightenment, haha! ;D Suddenly, I feel like stretching.

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