Dream Log | December 14, 2015

Motifs: Inevitability of old age and frailty; pressed for time


My choir is going on tour again and it’s been shortened to 3 days. However, I can only go for 2 of the days. But I still want to go. I go, but was without a way to carry all my stuff back home during the tour. So, during the night, when everyone was sleeping, I would carry as much as I could with me and take a bus back home to drop off my stuff before bussing back and sleeping.

Now, it is my second and last night. I have a conversation with the conductor. He pulls out a calendar and starts showing me pages and pages of hand-knitted products that his wife made. He asked me if I would like to buy any. None of the items appeal to me so I say, “No thanks.” Later that night, I start to pack up my things, but then my conductor is sitting down and calling me over, with a look of terror and desperation in his eyes. He says that he can’t get up, and that he needs me to go to the furthest room in the hall and get his pills, new pants, and something else.

I run off into the hallway. When I enter the furthest room and open the door, I am greeted with a showroom of white refrigeration units. Oh no. Where do I start? I look through them sequentially but have a hunch that it is at the farthest corner in the room. I head there and open the fridge door. Aha, there are the items. I must have taken too long because my conductor shows up looking strained. He takes the pills and transforms into a former professor of mine, who is also elderly. He sits down on a chair; we are suddenly in a subway train. My professor looks down and his breathing is labored. He says, “It’s fine.”

I’m approaching my station. I look at him one last time, and get off. Sorry, I didn’t find it fast enough.

Woke up feeling: Sad, hopeless, and not wanting to get up.


I woke up with the sniffles and didn’t want to get out of bed. Maybe I’m catching a cold. But why do I feel like I am experiencing depressive symptoms? I took a sick day off from work. Today, I will focus on taking care of myself. Maybe, this dream was my mind’s way of telling me that I have been neglecting myself.

One thought on “Dream Log | December 14, 2015

  1. Thank you for sharing your dream Tiffany Phan, and I think that it is good that you decided to focus on taking care of yourself today/yesterday; and that is very important, especially when you start to sense possible depressive symptoms and other forms of instability, because taking care of yourself can help to keep you stable and help prevent the symptoms from getting worse.

    Maybe we will both have better dreams next time. 😉

    -John Jr

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