Well, we’re not getting any younger!

Daily Prompt: Pick Your Gadget

Pick one:

  • an invisibility helmet
  • a time machine
  • anywhere doors

Personally, I would pick “anywhere doors” for numerous reasons:

  1. It saves on commute time. Who wouldn’t want to transport to school/work/Hawaii/etc.? The hours in a day are precious.
  2. I never have to deal with traffic or transit delays.
  3. Whenever I have to study for a long period of time, I like to have a change of scenery every couple hours. Imagine being able to transport to a coffee shop, library, or study area just by carrying your things with you through the “anywhere door”.
  4. I can avoid sweltering weather or frigid snowstorms but still get to where I want to go. Not a hair plastered to my forehead nor a hair out of place.
  5. I can visit family and friends instantly.
  6. I would only be one second older than I was at the previous location.
  7. Can transport to a different washroom if one is full.
  8. Can transport to a washroom when food poisoning strikes.
  9. Can transport into stores and steal things… just kidding. Just being able to transport to a store, shop, and transport back would be excellent.
  10. Can butt in front of people in line-ups… just kidding. If the line-up is long, I’d just transport to a different time-zone where the breakfast/lunch/supper time rush is not in effect.
  11. Can travel longs distances and not experience jet lag.
  12. Can save the gas and/or transit pass money.

Why wouldn’t I choose an “invisibility machine”?

  1. We all know that they are unreliable. In the snow or sand, people can see your footprints.
  2. Maybe people can even hear your breathing?
  3. Maybe someone will run into you or sit on you.
  4. Maybe, you’ll be listening in on a conversation and one of them suddenly heads in your direction without warning. They might not see you, but they’ll probably hear the scuffling of your shoes or the “shit” murmured under your breath.

Why wouldn’t I choose a “time machine”?

  1. Changing an event in the past for the better wouldn’t necessarily result in a better future outcome. Maybe, you choose to go back in time to avoid an argument. What if after the argument, amendments would have been made and a greater understanding of each other was forged… and therefore a stronger relationship created? You would have deleted that from your future.
  2. Where you are now is the result of countless actions and random happenings. Changing one might change a future outcome, but it will change countless others as well. Not only that, the chance that the most optimal outcome would come to be, is low.
  3. You’d still be the same age you were before you teleported, so the time periods that you can teleport to are limited to a few years before and a few years after the present time… unless you wanted to travel back in time to visit some historical happenings or attain a new identity.


Hope this post was able to bring a smile to your face!


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