Theme: Lost and clinging on. Disregard vs. compromise?

Dream: I’m at my boyfriend’s house and it is late. It’s just about time for me to go. I let him know, he picks up the car keys, and we head to the garage. When I look out the window, I realize that there is a massive snowstorm outside. Having him drive me home right now would be dangerous… it’s not only late, but the weather is terrible. I know that his mother wouldn’t permit him to drive since the weather is like this. But for some reason, she stands at the doorway and doesn’t stop us. This is when I realize that I am dreaming. Knowing that whatever choice I make will not affect my living self, we decide to say goodbye to her.

The car ride was non-existent. I find myself outside on the sidewalk and the biting winds attack my cheeks, eyes, and hair. I duck down and sprawl on the ground to minimize the chance that I’ll be carried away. For some reason, I believe that the wind is strong enough to sweep even humans off of the ground. Just to confirm my suspicions, the metal casing around a taxi’s light gets ripped off. Followed by another; then another.

I have to get inside. I crawl around the building, hanging onto the sidewalk and wall in attempts to anchor myself as firmly to the ground as I can. When I reach the door, I tug it open and crawl inside.

When I stand up, my vision takes on a quality similar to looking inside of a glass snow globe. Inside the globe, the snow is swirling around a house. I realize that the house is my boyfriend’s house and that his mother was still inside. The winds pick up, and tears the house apart.

I wake up.


Emotions felt upon waking up: Calm, feeling a little lost, feeling a little unsettled.

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