Dream Log | November 25, 2015

Theme: Medley


I am reborn… I am not Tiffany anymore, but a reincarnation of Freddie Mercury. I’m standing on the stage with the rest of Queen, wearing my signature yellow jacket and mustache. The fans in the Wembley Stadium are cheering loudly and singing along to the songs we performed: “We are the Champions” , “Play the Game”, and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

I look at my band mates. They are aged and have gray hair… I didn’t. They look back at me, as if they wanted to say, “We’re doing this for the fans, not for you.” All of a sudden, I feel a little lost.

I didn’t stay there long. After that, I am transported to the playground of my elementary school. I look down and realize that I have no shoes on. Also, there are glass shards all around me in a even layer. I didn’t want to step on them and injure myself, so I did the next logical thing. Sprawling on the ground, I crawl towards the school, spreading my body weight as evenly as I can so that I won’t get stabbed by the sharp glass.

I make it to the door of the school unscratched. When I open it, I am transported to my Auntie’s house. Ah, there are my shoes. But I didn’t need them now. What I really need, is to go to the washroom! When I reach the washroom, I see that it is closed. My sister is in there. Since we are siblings, we are accustomed to barging into the washroom and using the other amenities in there, as long as the occupant isn’t using the one you need in particular. I hear the shower running, so I know that the toilet is free.

Right when I reach for the doorknob, my Auntie calls out, “Don’t you dare go in there!”

I ask her, “Why?” Then, I turn to the bathroom door and say, “Sis, are you okay? Do you want to talk?”

There is no answer. The words formulate in my head even before I know what I am about to say. I ask, “Are you lesbian?”

There is another moment of silence but eventually, I hear her respond. “… Yes. I mean, I am… 50%.”

“It’s okay. I’m not bothered by it. You are still my sister and I am still your sister.”

“…Okay. You can come in.”

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