Dream Log | November 17, 2015

Theme: I’m angry and I let it get too far. My sister now has permanent brain damage.


My sister visited and we were sitting in my bedroom. I felt a little irritated. I found myself trying to explain my irritation but no words formed–only sounds. I kept talking, but she showed no indication that she heard what I was saying. She picks up an object and throws it at me. It’s soft, so it doesn’t hurt. I throw it back at her.

She continues to throw random objects at me but eventually, ends up picking up a phone and throwing it towards my head. That’ll hurt if I let it hit me. I dodge it and catch it with my right hand. For some reason, I am very angry now. Letting my anger get the best of me, I draw my arm back and aim at her head before I throw the phone. It collides with her head with a loud “thud”.

Her eyes are wide–in shock. Then, her eyes are just wide and expressionless. She is looking in my direction, but it doesn’t look like she is looking at me. She crawls/slides off the bed slowly. Then, she stands up hunched over a little bit. She goes to leave my room. At the door, her head twitches to the side sharply and she turns to look at me with those unseeing eyes, one last time, before exiting.

The next day, I make an effort to talk to her. Sometimes, her words would make sense. Sometimes, they didn’t. She was always hunched over, twitching every now and then.

I figured that it had to do with the night prior. I had given her brain damage and now, she is mentally disabled. This was my doing. This was my new reality.

Personal Interpretation:

Maybe, I’m scared that I’ll end up hurting someone close to me. Maybe it’ll be something big and I won’t realize it until if causes irreparable damage. Then, it’ll be too late. It’ll be something I’ll end up regretting for the rest of my life. No, I don’t want that. This is a regret that can be avoided. Maybe, this dream is telling me to be more mindful and considerate of others.


5 thoughts on “Dream Log | November 17, 2015

  1. Hello Musingsofamapletree,

    That sounded like an unpleasant dream, accidentally seriously hurting your sister, the feelings of regret/et cetera can be really strong in dreams sometimes when things like that happen in a dream.

    Also the hunching over and twitching that your sister did in the dream sounds like it would have been a bit creepy/disturbing.

    Thank you for sharing your dream, and I hope that you will have some more positive dreams soon as well to balance out the negativity. 🙂

    Dreams like this can be helpful though because they can give your mind/you a chance to test/experience/et cetera certain situations in a safe environment allowing you to experience various emotions and reactions et cetera, which can allow you to learn something and/or help you deal with certain things/emotions in your life.

    -John Jr


    1. Thank you for you thoughts John! I do notice that traumatic dreams are more memorable than pleasant dreams, which are easily forgotten. I like your comment on how dreams can be helpful as a “test run” and I agree! A lot of thought organization, connection-making, and are made during sleep. 🙂 I welcome all my dreams, good and bad, haha!

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      1. You are welcome Musingsofamapletree. 🙂

        You are probably correct about that, unfortunately, but I can understand some of the reasons why more traumatic dreams can stand out more. 😉

        Yes, sometimes my dreams feel like training, like my mind/like I am training to be able to handle/survive various situations/disasters; sometimes it is almost a bit creepy, sometimes it almost feels like I am being prepared subconsciously/consciously, so that when certain situations happen I will be able to respond in a way that increases my survival chances and the survival chances of others like I am being prepared for various possible future disasters/situations or something like that like a sleeper agent or something like that or like someone/something/some group are watching my reactions to/in various situations like I am a test subject or something like that. 😀

        Now that is a good outlook, welcoming the good and the neutral and the bad dreams, because there are various things that we can learn and experience from each type of dream.

        Thank you for replying. 🙂

        -John Jr

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  2. Hahaha, that’s a good way to think of dreams (as training).

    I notice that you are a fellow dreamer. Very cool. 🙂 I find that the more often I press snooze, the more of my dreams I can remember and the more I can “continue the story”… to the detriment of my ability to wake up alert and refreshed. D:

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